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Chamaedorea radicalis

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A small Mexican palm for partial shade. -8 to -10°C (17 to 14°F). Buy it online in 5-litre pots.

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  • 3 litres
  • 5 litres

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Synonyms of Chamaedorea radicalis

Radicalis palm

Origin of Chamaedorea radicalis

The woodlands in central and north-east Mexico, where it grows in damp undergrowth up to 1000 m high.

Hardiness of Chamaedorea radicalis

-8 to -10°C (17 to 14°F)

Description of Chamaedorea radicalis

This small palm (1- to 2-m tall) has  a solitary trunk with dark green pinnate leaves. If you plant together several individuals, Chamaedorea radicalis will form a bamboo-like  shrub.

How to grow Chamaedorea radicalis

Place it in full or partial shade, in a rich and well-drained soil. It can withstand dry conditions, but its growth will be slowed down. You can also keep it in a container, on a terrace or indoors, in a bright position but with no direct sunlight.

Data sheet

Cold-hardiness (take the lowest T° indicated)- 5°C (23°F)
Cold-hardiness (take the lowest T° indicated)-10°C (14°F)
Exposure:partial shade
Exposure:full shade
Can be grown in a container:yes


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Chamaedorea radicalis

Chamaedorea radicalis

A small Mexican palm for partial shade. -8 to -10°C (17 to 14°F). Buy it online in 5-litre pots.

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