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Fragrant delights

Spicy fragrances, honey scents, ... perfume your garden!


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Indoor plants

Discover our indoor plants, as well as a choice of contemporary containers: round, square, glow-in-the-dark, ...


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The current situation does not impact our activity, and shippings continue as usual. Enjoy your garden, and take care!

Orders are prepared 2 to 10 days after payment, and delivery takes 1 to 10 days after that, depending on where you live.

Please check your shipping address carefully: once the order has been shipped, the address can not be changed (chronopost), or can be changed (carrier) but at a minimum cost of 50 € (charged to us by our carriers). 

Our shipping costs depend on the weight and height of the plants you order.

By chronopost

Up to 24 kilos (24 litres) and 1 meter, we send your plants by chronopost (each plant is individually wrapped in cardboard and is well protected).

Cost for France (tax included) :

8,90 € (except Corsica) in pick-up points, 12,90 € at your home or work address.

Corsica: 29.90 € in pick-up points / 33,90 € at your home or work address.

Delivery in pick-up points is limited to 14 litres.

To Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, Spain and Ireland, taxes included

From 0 to 15 kilos: 18 €

From 15 to 25 kilos: 28 €

To other European countries,taxes included

From 0 to 5 kilos: 18 €

From 5 to 15 kilos: 28 €

From 15 and 25 kilos: 38 €

To the UK (taxes included, but other taxes may apply once arrived in the UK; delays can increase due to Brexit)


From 0 to 15 kilos: 33 €

From 15 to 25 kilos: 43 €


To Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway: Due to numerous problems with customs, we no longer export outside the EU.

By carrier

When your order weighs more than 25 kilos or when you order tall plants (over 1 m), we place your plants on a small pallet, and have it delivered by carrier (Ziegler).

Our pallets are prepared within 2 to 7 days, and usually delivered within 3 to 8 days in Europe.


Examples of prices for France: for 1 pallet weighing from 30 to 39 kilos (all details on the French side of this page)

-to Paris: 49 € tax included

-to Nantes: 35 € tax included

-to Lyon: 49 €, tax included

-to Lille: 49 € tax included

-to Marseille: 68 € tax included

60 to 69 kilos

-to Paris: 65 € tax included

-to Nantes: 35 € tax included

-to Lyon: 65 € tax included

-to Lille: 65 €

-to Marseille: 85 € tax included

Prices for Europe are of course much higher, and calculated as you fill your shopping cart (Only for Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium).