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Fragrant delights

Spicy fragrances, honey scents, ... perfume your garden!


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Indoor plants

Discover our indoor plants, as well as a choice of contemporary containers: round, square, glow-in-the-dark, ...


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The current situation does not impact our activity, and shippings continue as usual. Enjoy your garden, and take care!

Orders are prepared 3 to 10 days after payment, and delivery takes 1 to 10 days after that, depending on where you live.

Please check your shipping address carefully: once the order has been shipped, the address can not be changed (chronopost), or can be changed (carrier) but at a cost of 50 € (charged to us by our carriers). 

Our shipping costs depend on the weight and height of the plants you order.

- By chronopost

Up to 25 kilos (25 litres) and 1 meter, we send your plants by chronopost (each plant is individually wrapped in cardboard and is well protected).

Cost for France (tax included) :

8,90 € (except Corsica) in pick-up points, 12,90 € at your home or work address.

Corsica: 29.90 € in pick-up points / 33,90 € at your home or work address.

Delivery in pick-up points is limited to 20 litres.

To Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Italy, Spain, the UK and Ireland, with tax

From 0 to 15 kilos: 18 €
From 15 to 25 kilos: 28 €

To other European countries, with tax

From 0 to 5 kilos: 18 €
From 5 to 15 kilos: 28 €
From 15 and 25 kilos: 38 €

Delivery in pick-up points only up to 20 kilos.


To Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Norway: Due to numerous problems with customs, we no longer export outside the EU.

- By carrier

When your order weighs more than 25 kilos or when you order tall plants (more than 1 m), we place your plants on a small pallet, and have it delivered by carrier (Ziegler).

Our pallets are picked up on Monday, and usually delivered within 3 to 8 days in Europe.


Examples of prices for France: for 1 pallet weighing from 30 to 39 kilos
-to Paris: 49 € tax included
-to Nantes: 35 €
tax included
-to Lyon: 49 €
tax included
-to Lille: 49 € tax included
-to Marseille: 68 €
tax included

from 60 to 69 kilos
-to Paris: 65 € tax included
-to Nantes: 35 €
tax included
-to Lyon: 65 €
tax included
-to Lille: 65 € tax included
-to Marseille: 85 €
tax included

Prices for Europe are of course much higher, and calculated as you fill your shopping cart (Only for Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, pending Brexit).