Many new references this summer: Colocasia, bananas, palm trees, hardy citrus, trees from all over the world, ...
Our nursery will remain open in July and August, and shipping will go on as usual.

A l’ombre des figuiers

Welcome to our nursery! You can either shop online, with deliveries in all of the European Union countries, or come and visit us in Brittany, France, near Quimper. We offer a wide range of outstanding plants, with palms, yuccas, agaves, banana trees, tree ferns, cacti, cycads, magnolias, colocasias, ... from all over the planet.

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SARL A l’ombre des figuiers

Come and visit our nursery

Our new nursery opened on October 30, we can't wait to see you here, with a choice of 3000 plants!

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  • 09h30 - 18h00
  • 09h30 - 18h00
  • 09h30 - 18h00
  • 09h30 - 18h00
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Collection nursery now open

Our online nursery was created in 2006, and we opened our physical shop in October 2021, with more than 3000 plants: we offer a large selection of over 120 palms, as well as a great range of banana trees, agaves, magnolia trees, maple trees, yuccas, tree ferns, ...

Our plants are grown or kept outdoors in a magnificent park, or in our greenhouses, in our nursery on the south coast of Brittany, in France.

For those of you who order online, we take great care of our shippings, with special and meticulous packaging, and fast deliveries in the European Union.

Respecting our environment is essential to us, we use no chemical treatments, and our packaging is made of mostly recyclable materials.

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