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Phoenix canariensis

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A very popular palm, for warm climates. -8°C (17°F). Buy it online in 3-, 7- and 35-litre pots.

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  • 3 litres
  • 7 litres
  • 30 litres
  • 55 litres

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Synonyms of Phoenix canariensis

Phoenix tenuis, Canary Island Date Palm, pineapple palm

Origin of Phoenix canariensis

Endemic to the Canary Islands

Hardiness of Phoenix canariensis

-8°C (17°F), the leaves are damaged below -5°C (23°F).

Description of Phoenix canariensis

Phoenix canariensis is a tall palm (15 to 20 m high), its exotic looks and fast growth have made it very popular.

How to grow Phoenix canariensis

It needs sun, a rich soil, and regular watering in summer. It can also be grown in a container for several years, if it is well watered.

Be careful when you buy one, those with long leaves have been grown too fast in a greenhouse; prefer palms with shorter leaves and  a stout trunk.

Story time

Phoenix canariensis was introuced in France in 1864 by Viscount Vigier,  a photographer and founding member of the French Photographic Society. The fruit is edible but has an unpleasant taste.

Data sheet

Cold-hardiness (take the lowest T° indicated)- 5°C (23°F)
Exposure:full sun


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Phoenix canariensis

Phoenix canariensis

A very popular palm, for warm climates. -8°C (17°F). Buy it online in 3-, 7- and 35-litre pots.

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