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Chamaerops cerifera Maximize

Chamaerops cerifera

Gorgeous round-shaped palm from Morocco, with blue palms. -12 to -15°C (15 to 5°F). Buy it online in 4-, 7-, 12-, 25- or 35-litre pots.

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  • 3 litres
  • 7 litres
  • 12 litres
  • 25 litres
  • 35 litres
  • 45 litres
  • 70 litres

19,00 € tax incl.

Full name Chamaerops humilis cerifera

Synonyms Dwarf blue palm

Origin The slopes of the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco, up to 1700 m high

Hardiness -12 to -15ºC (10 to 5°F). 
It is as hardy as Chamaerops humilis.

Description Its main interest lies in the silvery blue colour of its palms, as blue as those of Brahea armata.

How to grow it An easy to grow, very tough palm, it can withstand severe cold, humidity, heat, drought, in full sun or shade, as well as wind and sea spray. You can also grow it in a container.

  • Leaves: evergreen
  • Edible: no
  • Flowers: no
  • Fragrant: no
  • Hardiness (°C): -12
  • Exposure: any place
  • Wind resistant: yes
  • Sea spray tolerant: yes
  • Drought tolerant: yes
  • Can be grown in a container: yes


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